Who We Are

MHRGI, Management & Human Resource Group International, Based in Minsk, Belarus with Key offices in Warsaw, Poland& Damascus, Syria is considered to be one of the most prominent Capacity Building & Consultation Companies that acts as a bridge between Internationally accredited and recognized awarding bodies in the Middle East, It excels in presenting a wide spectrum of services in areas of public and private institutional development such as: Capacity Building programs – human resources development – public and private Management consultancies, in addition to providing training and specialized educational services in different domains of business administration, and human resources development and rehabilitation for government and private sectors. MHRGI Services is divided into three main focus areas:

  • Academic and Vocational training
  • Business & Management consulting
  • Organizational Capacity Building& coaching services
  • Marketing & Branding Experts
  • Project management services

We pride ourselves with the accomplishments we achieved with our clients & partners through our professional history.